Pet Friendly Guidelines - Seasonal & Annual

P E T S : Breed  Restrictions:    Pit  Bulls,  Pit  Bull  Mix  Breeds,  Dobermans,  Rottweiler’s,  Staffordshire  Terriers  and  Chows  are  not permitted as pets in Tall Pines.  TALL PINES RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADD ADDITIONAL  BREEDS TO THIS LIST.


• Pets  must  be  confined  inside  the  RV  unless  being  exercised,  during  which  time  they  must  be  kept  on  a leash. POSITIVELY  NO EXTENSION  LEASHES  PERMITTED,  6ft Leashes  Only. No pets  will  be permitted  to be tied  outside  or kept  outside  in a doghouse or fenced-in pen or pet cages. Noisy and/or unruly pets will not be allowed to remain in the Tall Pines community.   Pets will only be allowed to remain in the Tall Pines community if they do not cause a nuisance to other residents.  Pets running loose may be caught by Tall Pines management and/or employee or the S.P.C.A. and removed from the Tall Pines community.

•The number of pets for each Seasonal and/or Year Round RV Site will not exceed more than two (2) .  The type of pets that are maintained by the Licensee must not cause any condition or situation that adversely affects the health, safety and welfare of individual residents or the Tall Pines community as a whole.

• T h e only pets that are permitted are dogs, cats, and domestic birds that are in cages .  No exotic/wild pets or farm animals of any kind will be permitted. Breed Restrictions:   Pit Bulls, Pit Bull Mix Breeds, Dobermans,  Rottweiler’s,  Staffordshire  Terriers and Chows are not permitted  as pets in Tall Pines.   If any Licensee already has a restricted  breed mentioned  above that has been registered prior to 2009 may stay but may not be replaced.   If a Licensee brings one of these restricted breeds into the Tall Pines community to replace  a pet or as another  added  pet,  the Licensee  will  be immediately  instructed  to remove  all restricted  pets  from  their property and face probable termination of their License Agreement.

• Pet s will not be permitted  at any time in the recreation  areas, this include the Playground,  Swimming  Pool, Tent, Cabin, Pavilion and Volleyball  and Horseshoe  areas. Owners  must clean up after their pets at all times. Residents  who have cats must keep these animals inside their RV’s, or on a leash when outside.  Cats cannot be left to run loose at any time.  Any resident found allowing their cat to run loose will be asked to remove the cat from the Tall Pines Community. The feeding of stray cats is absolutely not permitted. This causes the animal to stay in the community, breed, and also results in health and safety problems.  Stray cats carry diseases and any resident found feeding these strays will be turned over to the Department  of health.  Curbing of pets is not permitted in the playground,  pool, tent, cabin, recreation areas or pavilion.

•All dogs must be licensed.   This is required  by the State of Delaware.   Violators  face a fine of $50 to $100 for the first offense.   Your animal must wear the license tag on their collar or leash at all times.

• Y o u are required to register your pet at the Tall Pines office.  This will include a certificate of license, proof of current rabies and distemper shots and a picture of your pet.  Effective with the 2011 camping season, upon registration you will be given a pet ID tag to place on the pet’s collar.  ALL PETS MUST BE REGISTERED  IN OUR MANAGEMENT OFFICE.

•Should any pet become a nuisance, its immediate removal will be required.   No fences or doghouses are permitted.   Pets are not to be tied outside unattended at any time.  If any pet is found loose it will be turned over to the S.P.C.A. Any pet that bites and/or attacks another person; or person’s pet or damages public or private property will be removed from the Tall Pines property immediately  and will not allowed back in the community.

Residents are required to have pet waste disposal bags with them while walking their pet. Anyone found walking their pet without a pet waste disposal bag will be considered in violation of our pet guidelines.

Remember - Pet waste transmits disease, so please clean up after your pet.

Thank you!

Tall Pines Management